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The New Light process will turn your favorite photograph into a vivid backlit portrait! You will be amazed how illuminating your photograph from within will make it come to life on your wall. New Light Portraits are self contained units that are only 5/16 of an inch thick. They can be framed or hung on the wall as is. Inside of this unit are special LED lights as well as our patented technology which allows us to highlight the focal points of any image. When the unit is turned off, it looks like any other regular photograph. When the unit is turned on it illuminates your image from within making it extremely crisp, vivid and lifelike. It will bring out the true colors, depth and detail of your image. We can apply our process to your family photos, baby pictures, landscape photos, pet photos, or just about any photograph that is important to you. Simply upload your image, pick your size and we will build a custom New Light Portrait for you. New Light Portrait & Sign. Bringing light to what matters...

  • Our process can be applied to any photograph. Simply choose your size and upload the photograph you would like completed. See upload instructions.
  • The New Light Portrait is a self contained unit that is only 5/16 of an inch thick.
  • The finished product is modern, very attractive and finished off with smooth edges. We put a 1" border around the photograph.
  • Your New Light Portrait can be hung on the wall and looks amazing as is. You can also take it to your local frame shop to have it framed if desired.
  • New Light Portraits need to be plugged into an outlet. They are extremely efficient and only run on 10 - 13 watts.
  • If your New Light Portrait is turned on 24 hours per day, it should last approximately 10 years. Turning it off at nighttime should extend the service life beyond 10 years even perhaps to 20 years. 
  • Includes electric plug and 12 feet of wire. Additional wire is available if needed.
  • There will be an exposed wire when hung on the wall and plugged into an outlet. Most people choose to run the small wire behind the wall to the portrait (this is comparable and as simple as running a single speaker wire). 
  • The New Light portrait is silent when turned on. 
  • 2 year 100% manufacturers warranty. 3 year extended warranty available.
  • Patented Technology.
  • Please see our FAQ's if you have more questions.

"We were absolutely stunned when we saw the New Light portrait of our 3 kids. It is beautiful!!! We got the 24x36 and it has become the main conversation piece in our home. We literally can not stop looking at it. Every one of my friends who sees it wants one of their own and I know several of them are ordering. In about a month I will be sending you my husband's favorite picture for his birthday that he can hang in his office. Thanks for making such a great product!" Melissa W 

"To be honest, the portrait exceeds my expectations! It is just gorgeous. I am quite impressed with the quality of the work. Your newest loyal customer." Bryan H