Custom 11 x 14 Sign

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A New Light backlit LED sign is the perfect modern accessory for any business and is hands down one of sharpest ways to highlight your brand. New Light Signs come as a self contained unit that is lighter, greener, MUCH thinner (only 5/16 of an inch thick) and more affordable than the old style neon signs. We can do any logo or design to fulfill your needs. Nothing is too simple or complex for us to handle and colors are unlimited. Your logo will be crisp, vivid and absolutely stand out. Our backlit LED signs are manufactured by us right here in the USA using our patented optical technology. They are easily hung on any wall, window or wherever. Bulk order pricing is available for larger, multiple unit orders. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. Highlight your brand today with a New Light Sign!

  • We can build a New Light Sign for any logo. No logo is too simple or too complex. 
  • Signs are a self contained unit that is 5/16 of an inch thick. Your logo will be extremely vivid and crisp.
  • Easily hung on any wall, window, or wherever.
  • If your New Light Portrait is turned on 24 hours per day, it should last approximately 10 years. Turning it off at nighttime should extend the service life beyond 10 years even perhaps to 20 years.
  • Includes electric plug and 12 feet of wire. Additional wire is available if needed.
  • Average electrical cost to run the New Light Sign 24 hours a day for 1 year is $10.
  • New Light Signs are silent when turned on.
  • Bulk order pricing available for larger quantity orders. Please contact us with your needs.
  • 2 year 100% manufacturers warranty. 3 year extended warranty available.
  • Patented Technology. 

"Got the package today……………I'm speechless. Honestly, it came out better than I ever possibly could’ve imagined. Amazing! Awesome! Unbelievably gorgeous!

So first and foremost, thanks a million! You did amazing. You should know I was nervous handing this over without having any clue what I was getting, but you really delivered big time. Would definitely use you for projects in the future and definitely recommend you to others!
Thanks again!"
Mendy F