Our Story

My name is Joe Brychell. Thank you for dropping by to check out our products. First and foremost, I am your typical American family guy.  I am also an engineer and have worked in this field for over 25 years in one form or another. I have always been fascinated with lighting and the dramatic affects it can have on different objects. I always thought it would be cool if I could somehow use LED lighting to not only show off my family pictures hanging on the walls of my house, but to beautify the traditional sign.  I never thought the old school track lighting did family portraits any justice.  Several years ago I started working on the concept of lighting photographs and signage from the edge instead of the front. After about 200 prototypes and what feels like a million hours of work, I came up with a patented technique to manipulate modern LED light to evenly distribute and also highlight the focal point of a photograph from the backside. I then developed the housing which is a fully functional, self-contained unit that is approximately 5/16” thick and can be hung on any wall. Friends and family were amazed when they saw some of my first works and everybody wanted one of their own!  When I saw their reaction, it really inspired me to take it a step further. There is really nothing out in the marketplace like this that can make a portrait or sign look this amazing and vivid.

I want to give people the same joy that those initial people had when I showed them some of the first New Light Portraits. We have done everything from full families, babies, pets, memorials, cars, landscapes, business logos and everything in between. It gives me such joy to know that our customers proudly hang our products in their homes, offices and place of business to show off what is really important to them. It has driven me and everyone here to work very hard to give our customers the best product possible. As a growing company that is dedicated to building all of our products here in America, we really appreciate your business and look forward to highlighting what matters to you...

Thank you, Joe Brychell