Product FAQs

Can a New Light Portrait be framed?

YES! Each product comes standard with a 1" border. The entire product is approximately 5/16 of an inch thick. They are very professionally finished off and look amazing. MANY people hand them on the wall as is. However, they can be taken to any frame shop and framed just like any regular portrait. 

How long will my New Light Portrait last?

Our LED lights are rated for 100,000 hours. That is over 10 years of continuous light output. If you leave your New Light portrait or sign turned on 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, it should last beyond 10 years. If you leave it turned on 50% of the time (shut it off at night), it may go 20 years. You can also purchase Lifetime Replacement Insurance for $150.  We will replace your New Light Portrait with a new one at the end of it's service life. 

What do most people do with the electric cord?

Most run the wire from the outlet behind the wall up to the back of the portrait so it does not show. This typically take 15 - 30 minutes to complete but will give you a very clean look. There are many videos on YouTube about how to run a simple wire behind a wall. 

Does the product make any noise?

No, New Light Portraits are silent when turned on.

How much will this affect my electric bill?

The modern LED lighting we utilize is extremely efficient and only uses between 12 - 30 watts (much less than your average light bulb). On average it should end up costing about $10 a year in electricity.

Do they produce any heat?

New Light portraits & signs produce very minimal heat, much less than a typical light source.

What is the warranty?

Each New Light portrait & sign is covered under manufacturers warranty for 2 years. If anything goes wrong, we will fix or replace it. If you purchase the Lifetime Replacement Insurance, it is 100% covered for the lifetime of the product beyond the initial 2 years.

Can you do any photograph?

Yes, we can do any photograph. The most dramatic and vivid are photographs with substantial colors, and not so much white. The contrasts are spectacular. 

Are these addicting?

Yes! Buyer beware! Once you see how amazing your first New Light portrait looks, you will want to fill home and workplace with them! We literally have people trying to outfit every room with New Light portraits!

What if I have more questions?

Please email us at, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!